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Brewing Beer at the White House - First Homebrewer President

Blending Beer at the White House - First Homebrewer President Bunches of American presidents making the most of their alcohol, and many fermented their own lager. George Washington was notable as aâ home brewer and madeâ his own doorman and bourbon at Mount Vernon. Thomas Jefferson did likewise at Monticello. Butâ the first American president known to have prepared his own brew on the grounds of the White House in Washington, D.C. was Barack Obama, who made watchman and lager starting in his first term. To the extent we realize the White House Honey Brown Ale is the principal liquor blended or refined on the White House grounds, wrote Sam Kass, the White House senior strategy guide onâ nutritionâ policy, in September 2012. George Washington prepared lager and refined bourbon at Mount Vernon and Thomas Jefferson made wine however theres no proof that any lager has been fermented in the White House. Obama as Home Brewer Obama started fermenting lager in 2011 after the president purchased his first home-blending unit. He began preparing lager since he was looking for a pastime, accordingâ toâ published reports. Soon after his home-fermenting exercises were made open, the American Homebrewers Association made Obama a lifetime part. In spite of the fact that lager has for quite some time been a piece of the country’s history and conventions, Obama left a mark on the world when, as president, he bought a homebrewing unit and afterward - close by gourmet specialist Kass - led the push to mix White House Honey Ale, the principal brew known to have been prepared in the White House, the affiliation composed. About the Obama White House Beer The Obama staff had at any rate three effect styles of brew: an earthy colored lager, a watchman, and a blonde beer. Each of the three were fermented with nectar that was drawn from a colony on the South Lawn of the White House. The nectar gives the brew a rich smell and a pleasant completion yet it doesnt improve it, the White House said of the fixing. The names of the Obama White House lagers were: White House Honey Brown AleWhite House Honey PorterWhite House Honey Blonde When Obama ran for a second term inâ the 2012 presidential political decision, heâ stocked his battle transports with the White House mixes. Whileâ the White House brewedâ the lager, it didn't market or sell the brew freely. It did,â however, distribute the plans for likeminded home brewers to attempt. Both the earthy colored lager and nectar watchman were given acceptable stamps by individual home brewers. Commented Ray Daniels, in a meeting with Bloomberg Businessweek: â€Å"They are both pretty malty and on the better side of the scale in generally speaking parity. That will absolutely make them swarm pleasers or if nothing else unobjectionable to an expansive scope of people.† Composed pundit Gary Dzen in The Boston Globe: The White House realized what they were doing when they fermented this lager. Its agreeable enough to serve to easygoing brew fans however delightful enough to be intriguing to those of us who realize what we need our lager to possess a flavor like. Why Beer for Obama Obama is a lager consumer who was known to welcome individuals from Congress and other significant figures in American governmental issues to the White House to talk and drink a blend or two. In 2009, for instance, Obama called what came to be known as a lager highest point between himself, Vice President Joe Biden, Harvard educator Henry Louis Gates Jr., and Cambridge, Mass. police Sergeant James Crowley. Obama welcomed the men to the White House to talk over lagers after police in Crowleys power arrested Gates at his home.

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literature :: essays research papers

Writing Based Instruction This article is a piece of an arrangement drawn from work in the Handbook of Reading Research: Volume III (Kamil, Mosenthal, Pearson, and Barr, 2000). My thinking for picking this article is straightforward; I like to peruse to kids and to disclose to them stories. I figure we can make perusing considerably more intriguing in the event that we escape from the Basal Readers and acquaint youngsters with all types of artistic works. *Literature-Based Instruction: A Rationale Meanings of writing based guidance underline the utilization of top notch artistic fills in as the center instructional materials used to help education improvement A core value of the writing based point of view is that proficiency securing happens in a book-rich setting where there is a bounty of deliberate correspondence and importance is socially built. Scholarly works in such settings incorporate a wide scope of materials: picture books, enormous books, unsurprising books, society stories, tales, legends, dream, sci-fi, verse, contemporary sensible fiction, verifiable fiction, genuine educational books, and life stories. *Reading to little youngsters has consistently been the most widely recognized practice for executing writing based guidance in preschool and essential homerooms. Tales and perceptions drawn from contextual analyses of youngsters who have been perused to as often as possible have portrayed practices related with early education advancement These cases exhibit that little youngsters who have been perused to every now and again realize how to deal with books and can distinguish the front of a book, the print to be perused, and the fitting course for perusing the print. How frequently do we see more established understudies with books that have not been taken consideration? How frequently do we see youngsters sitting in a peaceful spot simply perusing a book for happiness? In the event that you could return and check, you would likely discover that they were not peruse to as little youngsters. Perusing stories is certainly not an enchanted movement for education advancement; it is the nature of the collaboration that happens during perusing that outcomes in constructive outcomes, as opposed to simply the storybook understanding itself. The article states â€Å"that storybook perusing meetings in study halls are regularly not of adequate quality to connect with understudies completely and to boost education development. Perusing stories as a demonstration in itself doesn't really advance proficiency; perspectives and cooperation upgrade the capability of the read-out loud occasion for advancing education improvement.

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Are people on the East Coast friendly

Are people on the East Coast friendly When I applied to MIT, I didnt consider whether the people of Boston would be as friendly as the people of Wisconsin. I probably wouldnt have given it a second (or first) thought, except for a conversation I had with my school librarian. She asked me what I would be doing the next year, and I told her about MIT. Unlike most people I had told, her reaction wasnt just to congratulate me. She said but arent people on the East Coast a bit unfriendly? Now, to be fair, I still cant answer that question entirely. Most MIT students dont leave campus much. There are so many awesome people to meet and activities to try (and so much work to do) at MIT that I havent spent a whole lot of time in Boston. Thats actually point number 1: This isnt a very important question to answer, because MIT is the community you will spend most of your time in, and it is plenty friendly. As for Boston though, it might help to share a few anecdotes to give you a picture of what the city is like. And, in the comments please let us know if you have other anecdotes to add. Anecdote 1: My family came to visit me about a year ago. My mom was always striking up conversations with people on the subway! She would talk to them about their children or where they were going or how to get where she was going, all the time. Most people in Boston would not initiate a conversation with a stranger, but they will talk to you if you initiate the conversation. Anecdote 2: I left my purse on a city bus a few months ago. When I called my phone (which was in the purse) the woman who had found the purse answered, we met, and I got my things back. A similar incident happened a couple of months later; my wallet fell out of my pocket as I was crossing a street, and the man who found it looked me up so that he could return it. Maybe Im just lucky, or maybe this says something about the residents of Boston. Anecdote 3: One of my friends who lives in an apartment in a bit of a shady area (not near MIT) was mugged a few months ago, and was badly beaten up. Anecdote 4: About a month ago, on a cold rainy night, a city employee made me get off of the subway because I had a bicycle. Never mind that I had already paid, never mind that it was miserable out, never mind that people with strollers and large packages are allowed on rules are rules. The guy was also a complete jerk to me. I had to sit around for an hour until 7pm, when I was allowed back on (the reason the rule exists is so that during rush hour the subway doesnt get overcrowded). On the brighter side, once the jerk went off duty his coworker let me back in for free since I had already paid once. Anecdote 5: Yesterday, my boyfriend and I rented a Zipcar. We were way out in Weymouth when the car broke down. The woman whose driveway we ended up in invited us in for tea while we waited for a tow truck to come! Anecdote 6: One day last year I stumbled upon a giant outdoor dance party, put on by the city to increase community spirit. It was nighttime, and colorful lights lit a crowd of hundred of people, dancing in the street outside of City Hall. These certainly dont sum up the whole city, but they can give you an idea of what to expect. Boston is a city, and it can be a little dangerous. On average people are a bit more direct here, which I think is what my librarian had actually picked up on. When they mean no, they are more likely to just say no than sorry, I would, but . In my experience though, most of the people Ive interacted with are decent people who are perfectly willing to help a stranger out. Some will even dance with strangers in the street. Really, I think that you get a similar mix of people here as anywhere else: some friendly, some not, some nice to you if youre nice to them first. What have other peoples experiences been, coming to Boston for the first time? How are people different here? What other questions are admitted students thinking about? (And by the way, congrats if you got in! Come hang out with us for CPW!)

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The Pros And Cons Of Reusable And Non Reusable Energy Sources

The Pros and Cons of Reusable Non Reusable Energy Sources There are many things that we rely on that are naturally provided by nature from the water that is used to replenish our systems to prevent dehydration, to the air that we breath down to some portions of food that we eat. One of those natural elements are used daily but are often not thought about outside of the scientific or political fields is energy. Energy is all around us there is nothing that is done in the day to day life that can be done without energy. From putting on your shoes to making coffee in the morning even down to driving your vehicle in one way shape or form energy is being used. Just as the ecosystems are in need of repair due to various contributory causes’ energy is also a resource that should be protected just the same. In the following paragraphs the pros and cons of each energy source will be dissected and the law of preservation of energy will be explained. The Law of Conservation of Energy With so many types of sources of energy and the world mainly dependent on non renewable energy sources conservation so that these resources are not depleted leaving future generations to wonder about new resources. From physics class we all learned that energy in a closed system can not be created or destroyed it can only be transferred or converted into one form or another for instance when you boil water it can be turned into a vapor or if you freeze water it will turn into ice but water does notShow MoreRelatedGoing Green in the Workplace Essay1457 Words   |  6 Pagesearned from this investment will more than pay for those initial costs in the future. Many people see this as a controversial issue, and granted it does have its own unique set of pro and cons, but if a business makes careful choices going green can prove to be very rewarding. Companies are doing this to save money on energy expenses as well as deploying it as a means to help reduce the carbon foot-print they are l eaving behind. Whether you are considering building new or simply renovating, there areRead MoreThe Effects Of Energy Sources On The Environment Essay1471 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Energy is a big part of our lives. We are heating our homes with natural gas or electricity and driving to and from work and any other outdoors activities. â€Å"Our main source of the energy people use is fossil fuels and in the future, the availability of those sources has an end date† (Garcà ­a-Olivares, A. 2015). As studies show there are renewable resources of fuel and other equipment used for energy like wind, nuclear power plants and solar hydroelectric. There are many pros and cons to allRead MoreDifferent Ways Of Spend Energy With $ 200 Billion Dollars2143 Words   |  9 PagesChemistry 1-2 Different ways to spend Energy with $200 billion dollars In the United States of America, a total of four thousand and fifty-eight billion kilowatt hours of energy is produced. A Kilowatt hour is a measure of electrical energy that is equal to the utilization of power of one thousand watts for one hour. Before we get into the energy being consumed in the United States, we must understand what energy is because of how often it is used. Energy is power and work that comes from chemicalRead MoreEnergy Sources Of Energy Source Essay1464 Words   |  6 PagesEnergy is a big part of our lives. We are heating our homes with natural gas or electricity and driving to and from work and any other outdoors activities. Our main source of the energy people use is fossil fuels and in the future, the availability of those sources has an end date. As studies show there are renewable resources of fuel and other equipment used for energy like wind, nuclear power plants and solar hydroelectric. There are many pros and cons to all forms of energy so urce, and theyRead MoreThe Quest For Progress Is The Center Of Every Great Civilization1725 Words   |  7 Pagescivilization. The history of mankind and the conquest of energy are inseparable. First, the needs were modest: heating, cooking and perhaps illuminating. The energy was mainly related to the control of fire-. Then, developing societies were quickly forced to use other forms of energy. They were relied on human and animal power for construction, transport, travel, agriculture etc... The navigation is also an important step since, besides the human energy of the rowers, the use of the wind becomes essentialRead MoreThe Benefits Of Non Renewable Energy Essay1832 Words   |  8 PagesTOPIC 1 The term, â€Å"non-renewable energy,† is at its most basic form, means that the sources of energy will eventually one day run out and not replenish itself. Non-renewable energy comes in many forms. For example: coal, crude oil and natural gas. These sources are categorized as fossil fuels, meaning that they were formed in the past due to natural processes from dead organisms. Non-renewable energy has been proven to be very beneficial to the US, however, many people argue the negatives areRead MoreThe Worlds Largest Solar Collectors And Energy Storage System1933 Words   |  8 Pageskind of energy source in our world and the ocean is a big part of one of thought energy source. The ocean makes up more than 70% of the Earth’s surface and it collects a lot of sun’s heat and energy. This will make it the â€Å"world’s largest solar collectors and energy storage system† and the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) will probably seems like a great tool to have [7]. This energy source works is by using the solar energy collected from the sun by the ocean and converting that energy into electricRead MoreFactors Of An Non Linear Interconnecting Systems1888 Words   |  8 PagesComplexity is the set of theories and mathematical models concerned with making sense of non-linear interconnecting systems. It has always been a part of our environment and provides a useful and practical framework for understanding and improving organisational life. Complexity depends mainly on three factors: 1. External factors like global financial crisis, foreign exchange rates, political decisions, customer buying behaviour, research and development, technology, natural disasters. 2. InternalRead MoreAmmonium Sulfate From Waste Water3280 Words   |  14 PagesWinterization process 10 3.0DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF RECOMMENDED PROCESSSES 10 3.1 Removal of ammonium sulfate processes 10 3.1.1 Reverse Osmosis Process 11 3.1.2 Ion Exchange process 12 3.2 Ammonium Sulfate Recovery - Crystallization Process 14 4. MASS AND ENERGY BALANCE: 14 4.1 Reverse Osmosis 14 4.3.1 Regeneration of the gums 15 4.4 Recovery of ammonium sulfate ? Crystallization 16 References 16 1.0 What happened at Camelford? In July 1988, an alleviation lorry driver erroneously included 20 tons of aluminumRead MoreVegetable Waste Disposal and Management in Cebu City Public Markets5099 Words   |  21 PagesBusiness Research BA109N By BOCO, MELISSA ANNE DELA TORRE, NYMPHA ROSE OZARAGA, MA.REBECCA QUIJADA, MA.GABRIELLEN SAN PEDRO, MA.LOURDES January 21, 2013 Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Rationale Organic vegetables and fruits are considered important food sources. They are generally inexpensive and though naturally low in fat and calories, they are stillpacked with important nutrients. However, their tendency to spoil easily in their fresh and unpreserved stateresults in organic waste. Organic waste is a type

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Analytical Essay †Lochie Leonard Free Essays

Awkwardness, rudeness and moodiness are stereotypes which are used to represent teenagers. In his novel â€Å"Locke Leonard the Human Torpedo’, Tim Wanton explores the emotional development of teenagers. In the novel he represents teenagers as reckless. We will write a custom essay sample on Analytical Essay – Lochie Leonard or any similar topic only for you Order Now This is achieved through Locale’s inappropriate actions, rude behavior and his bad language. The novel displays teenagers as reckless through their inappropriate behavior. In the chapter ‘Getting Serious’ Locke and Vicki are alone in her house and they engage n sexual activities disregarding the possible consequences. This is also shown later on in the book in the chapter ‘Ocean Beach’ where they again act without thinking. The two chapters give the reader a clear example that teenagers can be reckless due to their inappropriate behavior. At school Locke displays rude behavior towards his teachers. In the chapter ‘Everybody’s Favorite Spread’ Locke is in class studying his least favorite subject, Math, and is rude to his teacher by omitting to call him sir (pap-18). Also in the chapter ‘True Torpedoing’ Locke is in his woodwork class and once again displays dude behavior and insolence to his teacher by suggesting that the teacher ‘does his block (pap-31). This insulting comment could enrage an already hostile teacher even more and is therefore reckless. In the first two weeks Locke has already acquired a bad reputation for himself. Locale’s rude behavior is very risky. Teenagers are represented as reckless due to their use of inappropriate or bad language. Locke has been influenced to use bad language after reading a book about sexual development. In the chapter ‘Everyone’s Favorite Spread’ Locke is being bullied. Whilst being bullied he retaliates by calling them ‘a bunch of yellow vulvas! (pap), which might provoke them to attack him, rather than trying to calm them down, which would be more sensible. Locale’s use of language clearly represents teens as reckless. In this novel Tim Wanton represents teenagers as reckless because of their inappropriate actions, rude behavior and bad language. He has focused on emotional development in adolescents. While this is only one aspect of the challenges faced by teens, the author has represented common stereotypes in characters and their actions to des cribe teenagers. How to cite Analytical Essay – Lochie Leonard, Essays

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Accounting System and Information Assurance

Question: Discuss about theAccounting System and Information Assurance. Answer: Introduction: The following study evaluates the systems documentation as well as the risk analysis process of the business enterprise. The study states the context and level DFD as well as the process map in attaining organizational goals and as well as the objectives. There are many risks, which can pose a threat to the business sustainability of the enterprise. JK retail is a family owned business enterprise and keeps one cashier to record the financial transactions in the business enterprise. Thus, there can be several issues, which shall have an impact on the financial sustainability of a business entity. According to Dowling (2014), there can be several complexities in the retail business, which needs to be handled in an appropriate manner. Thus, there can be discrepancies in the recording of funds for the business entity. In addition, keeping a finance executive for the business enterprise shall result in greater pressure on a single individual. Kim and Solomon (2013) stated that the systems documentation as well as the risk analysis of the organization is an important part of the operational strategies of the organization. The following study states the context and the level DFD as well as the risk analysis procedure in the business organization. Besides this, the process map in the business organizations shall state the consumer payment procedures in the business entity. Thus, the payment procedures in the business organization shall have to be stated, to assist consumers for the payment of taxes in the business organization. Systems Documentation Figure 1: Context and Level DFD 1. The context and level DFD in the business organization shall reflect the operational as well as the marketing policies implemented in the business organization. The context and level DFD in the business organization shall consist of the three stages of the business entity and that shall consist of the Process order, Cyber back as well as shipping and the execution of goods. Alewine and Stone (2013) state that these three stages in the context and level DFD in the business organization shall ensure smoother business functionalities. The cyber check in the business organization shall consist of the verification of the credit card in the business organization and the credit card company in the business entity. According to Griffin and Wright (2015), the customer in the business organization shall have an influence on the operational strategies of the company. Therefore, Kissel (2013) customer views and behavior in the workplace would have an impact on the marketing and the operational process of the business entity. The process order in the business organization takes the necessary customer order and offers the acknowledgement to the customers. This is the initial stage of the customer decision process in the organization. Therefore, it is necessary for the business entity to determine the necessary business policies of the organization. The cyber check is the next process in the operational processes of the business entity. Hardy (2014) mentioned that the shipping process in the business entity would help in disc harging the goods to the consumers. In this regard, it can be stated that the shipping process shall also refer to the developing sales vouchers for the business entity to facilitate the sales of the goods of the business entity. In this regard, it can be stated that these three stages are interlinked and have an influence on the total sales and the consumer buying process in the business organization. Therefore, these steps shall help the business entity in the development of pertinent business strategies for the business enterprise. Zhou, Hou and Zong (2016) stated that the management of the business entity has to consider the factors like the external market environment like the economic factors of the country as well as the changes in the market trends. Therefore, the context level DFD in the business organization shall help the management of the business organization to determine the business policies of the organization. 2.The business process mapping involved in the operation shall assist the business enterprise in the development of organizational goals as well as the objectives. Following is the process flow chart implemented in the business organization Fig 2: Process Map Here, it can be stated that the accounts payable department shall receive the payment of good from the suppliers. As such, the invoice payment shall have to be reviewed for compliance. In other words, it shall have to be evaluated that the invoice meets the requirements of the sales processes in the business organization. If the goods do not match with the invoice requirements, it shall be returned to the suppliers. The invoice requirements are duly met, the invoice placed on hold and as well as the debt shall be notified of the necessary action taken by the business enterprise. After this, the sales revenue shall be placed in the payment Queue and the payment system shall be processed in the business organization. The payment processes is the last stage and can be done manually or through the internet. 1. There are certain risks present in the existing cash payment opportunities in the business entity. The cashier primarily maintains a manual process so as to aid the business enterprise in the development of organizational strategies in the business entity. There is a scope of discrepancy and embezzlement of the funds. Besides this, the recording of the cash transactions is a complicated procedure and thereby, have an adverse impact on the financial sustainability of the business entity. Hall (2012) have stated that the manual procedure of the business enterprise should have an adverse effect on the manual processes of the business enterprise. This would require a considerable time and effort on the part of the employees in the business organization. In this regard, it can be stated that the cashiering process is lengthy as well as time consuming and would slow down the business operational policies of the business entity. Since the cashier needs to match the amount with those of the cashier as well as the manufacturing processes of business enterprise. It can be stated that the amount matches with the amount stated in the sales order. Therefore it is necessary for the business entity to determine the accurate balance stated in the sales receipt order.This shall assist the cashier in executing its duties in an effective manner In certain circumstance, an error from the sales receipt order of the business entity shall lead to financial irregularities in the sales process of the business entity. As such, the total payment procedure is dependent on the sales personnel of the business entity. It can be mentioned that the recording of the cash transactions of the business entity is a detailed procedure, which possess a considerable risk to the financial sustainability of the entity. Sundem et al. (2014) stated that the business entity offers the following two receipt books as stated below - this relates to one for cash as well as one the other for the credit card receipts. As such, these two receipts shall help the business entity in recording the financial situation of the business entity. JK retail is a family owned business entity and possess a healthy cash flow. However, there is only a single cashier who receives the payment of cash and issues cash receipts for the organization. As such, the financial processes are dependent on the recording of cash transactions for the business entity. This also can lead to issues for the business enterprise and have an impact on the operational processes for the business enterprise. Moghadam et al. (2013) mentioned that the cash transactions of the business entity should have to be paid with the payment of cash for the business entity. The payment of taxes is another important issue that has shall be paid on the payment of taxes of the organization. In this regard, it can be said that the payment of taxes is one of the mandatory process in the organization. As such, it is necessary that the business entity shall have an impact on the management of the business entity. The incorrect assessment of the financial condition of the business activity shall lead the business entity in attaining growth and sustainability in the market. Thus, the role of the cashier shall depend on the job functionalities of business entity. As such, the sales personnel have to correctly assess the financial condition of the business entity to enable the business enterprise for the development of authentic financial strategies of the business entity. The risk assessment of the job role of cashier shall have an influence on the marketing and the operational policies of the business entity. 2. The cash recording procedures of the business entity shall have an impact on the business enterprise shall facilitate financial sustainability and growth in the domestic and International market. Domeika (2015) mentioned that the cash recording procedures of the business entity should have an impact on operational, financial as well as the marketing procedures of the business enterprise. Being individual personnel, the cashier of the organization has to examine the sales vouchers adequately to negate any discrepancies in the management of the organization. Thus, this shall have a difficult task for the cashier in the business organization. Besides this, Shul'ga (2014) stated that the return of goods by the customers should require additional time and effort as well as pertinent financial strategies from the business entity. Therefore, it is necessary that the goods have to be unaccounted in developing actual financial strategies that reflects the financial condition of the business entity. There are additional measures that has to be taken by the business entity in the consist of bad debt as well as the provision of bad debts in the organization. Therefore, the cashier of the business organization has to take pertinent measures have taken care of such expenses in the business organization to promote organizational growth in the domestic and international market. Conclusion It can be stated that JK Retail shall have many pertinent issues in the existing cashiering position. This includes heavy workload as well as the complexities in the financial transactions of the business enterprise. The management of JK Retail has to respond appropriately for the business enterprise so that the cashier gests the necessary guidelines and help for the development of marketing as well as the operational strategies of the business entity. Besides this,, such a situation can lead to the incorrect assessment of the financial situation of the business enterprise. Apart from these factors, it can lead to financial discrepancies in the books of accounts for the business enterprise. JK retail is a family owned business entity, has achieved considerable sales revenue, and consists of a healthy cash flow in the existing year. The systems documentation shall have many stages in cash payment procedure of the business organization. As such, E-commerce, Cyber check as well as shipping or the execution of the order of the goods would have an influence on the financial sustainability of the business entity. The proper verification of the vouchers in the organization is one of the primary responsibilities of the cashier in the business organization. Thus, the sales personnel as well as the cashiers in the business organization shall develop an important role in assisting the management of the organization in aiding the customers in the store for the payment of bills in the organization. References Alewine, H.C. and Stone, D.N., 2013. How does environmental accounting information influence attention and investment?.International Journal of Accounting Information Management,21(1), pp.22-52. Domeika, P., 2015. Creation of the Information System of Enterprise Fixed Asset Accounting.Engineering Economics,60(5). Dowling, C., 2014. A Big 4 firm's use of information technology to control the audit process: How an audit support system is changing auditor behavior.Contemporary Accounting Research,31(1), pp.230-252. Griffin, P.A. and Wright, A.M., 2015. Commentaries on Big Data's importance for accounting and auditing.Accounting Horizons,29(2), pp.377-379. Hall, J.A., 2012.Accounting information systems. Cengage Learning. Hardy, C.A., 2014. The messy matters of continuous assurance: Findings from exploratory research in Australia.Journal of Information Systems,28(2), pp.357-377. Kim, D. and Solomon, M.G., 2013.Fundamentals of information systems security. Jones Bartlett Publishers. Kissel, R., 2013. Glossary of key information security terms.NIST Interagency Reports NIST IR,7298(3). Moghadam, H.M., Akhavansaffar, M., Bakhshaei, Z. and MirHosseini, S.Y., 2013. Effect of investment in information technology system on providing desired services of accounting information system.Elixir International Journal A,55, pp.13268-13273. Shul'ga, S.V., 2014. Information disclosure in financial statements: evolution of national systems and integration determinants.Journal International accounting,38, p.332. Sundem, G., Bradbury, M., Spicer, B. and Wells, M., 2014. The Search for a Better Accounting System: The Overlooked Concern.Accounting Education for the 21st Century: The Global Challenges, p.465. Zhou, Y., Hou, S.J. and Zong, K., 2016. Ecological Accounting: Current Situation, Problems and Thinking This work is supported by the National Social Science Fund Project Regional Ecological Economic Benefit Evaluation Method Based on Multi-statistical analysis combining space(13BJY026) and the Ministry of Education humanities and Social Sciences project,Ecoefficiency evaluation of coal mining areas(14YJCZH236).